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Reverse Mortgage Marketing

Sixty Five Plus Marketing, Inc. is a reverse mortgage marketing agency. We are available to launch productive and cost effective lead generation programs quickly, often in as little as 7 to 14 days. Contact Margaret Grisdela by phone at 561-330-7280 or via email for a free marketing consultation to get started.

We get right to work developing reverse mortgage marketing campaigns designed to:

  • Generate leads online through directories and local marketing
  • Reach prospects in their home with direct mail and print advertising
  • Increase conversions with marketing support for the sales process
  • Create enhanced visibility within a targeted local community
  • Support local activities and sponsorships
  • Help meet sales goals with a professional marketing plan and budget

Reverse Mortgage Marketing Campaigns

We follow an “ABC Marketing” strategy, which means “Always be Communicating.” We help you reach out to prospects with high visibility reverse mortgage marketing campaigns that include the following:

  • Client communications (newsletters and alerts)
  • Content marketing through blogs, articles, and fact sheets
  • Direct mail
  • Local digital marketing
  • Online directory listings
  • Pay-per-click online advertising
  • Print advertising and newspaper supplements
  • Refer-a-friend campaigns
  • Reputation management
  • Sales support (brochures, sell sheets, signage, etc.)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, others)

We work with you to select the right campaigns for your market.

Smart Targeting for Reverse Mortgage Marketing

A successful reverse mortgage marketing campaign starts with the right target audience. We help you reach out to homeowners who are 62 and older based on a smart analysis of the following types of demographic characteristics:

  • Age
  • Home ownership
  • Home value estimates
  • Income
  • Length of residence
  • Marital status

Reverse Mortgage Marketing AgencyGeo-based targeting is also important in creating the most effective reverse mortgage marketing campaigns. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that there are 52 million Americans age 65 or older as of 2018. One quarter of Americans 65 and older live in either California, Florida, or Texas. Seven other states—Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania—are home to another one-quarter of Americans age 65 or older.

The 10 states listed above are also the most populous and include over half of the total U.S. population. Additionally, selected states like Arizona have large clusters of retirement communities. We can specifically target these 55+ communities within certain states to get your message to prospects who are most in need of a reverse mortgage.

Reverse Mortgage Marketing Campaigns with a Caring Commitment

Sixty Five Plus Marketing, Inc. creates reverse mortgage marketing campaigns like you would expect from a valued team member. We offer our clients the following skills and commitments:

  • Caring attitude toward older borrowers
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Self-starter able to work independently in meeting campaign goals
  • Dependable with demonstrated ability to meet specific time constraints
  • Strong problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Customer service orientation
  • Responsive to client and team members
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word and Excel)

Contact Margaret Grisdela by phone at 561-330-7280 or via email for a free reverse mortgage marketing consultation to get started.

About a Reverse Mortgage HECM Loan

A Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) is the only reverse mortgage program that is insured by the U.S. Government. The HECM must be obtained through an FHA-approved lender in order to receive the benefit of having U.S. Government backing.

A reverse mortgage is different from a traditional mortgage in that the borrower takes money out of their house based on their homeowner’s equity. FHA loan guidelines require the reverse mortgage borrower to either own their home outright or to only have a small mortgage balance. Any outstanding balance will be paid off with some of the proceeds from the FHA reverse mortgage.

The proceeds of the reverse mortgage can be taken in cash as a lump sum payment, as a monthly income stream, or as line of credit that can be accessed when needed.

Using the FHA’s HECM reverse mortgage program allows the borrower to withdraw a portion of the equity in their home. The funds received through the reverse mortgage are typically used by the borrower for living expenses, healthcare costs, and other homeowner funding needs.

The actual amount available for withdrawal via the reverse mortgage varies by borrower and depends on the factors listed below:

  • Age of the youngest borrower or eligible non-borrowing spouse
  • Current interest rate
  • Lesser of appraised value or the HECM FHA mortgage limit or the sales price

A reverse mortgage available only to qualifying homeowners who are 62 and older. The amount owed on the mortgage goes up, rather than down, over time.

An HECM reverse mortgage can also be used to purchase a primary residence if certain conditions are met. The borrower must be able to use cash to cover any difference between the HECM proceeds and the sales price plus closing costs for the primary property being purchased.

HECM reverse mortgage loans must be repaid when the borrower sells their home, dies, or is no longer able to live in their home. Certain conditions may also trigger the need for early payment, including failure to pay property taxes or homeowner’s insurance. Repayment may also be required if the home falls into a state of disrepair.

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Sixty Five Plus Marketing, Inc. is a reverse mortgage marketing agency that is available to launch productive and cost effective lead generation programs on short notice, often within 1-2 weeks. Contact Margaret Grisdela by phone at 561-330-7280 or via email for a free marketing consultation to get started.

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